A side of shopping in a store

Hussein Arqab:

A number of traders praised the initiative to reopen the markets within the second stage of the plan that the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management implements, with the aim of getting out of the crisis created by the spread of the new Corona virus at the global level, not just Doha, by allowing shop owners to launch it again with a commitment Preventive measures to reduce the possibility of customers suffering a Covid epidemic 19, confirming their commitment to all the precautionary measures approved by the government starting from requiring visitors to show the application of precaution when wanting to enter the store, through measuring their temperature, until they are required to wear a muzzle, revealing The first days of the second phase witnessed a significant turnout in various markets, waiting for the situation to improve further in the coming days.

For their part, many restaurant owners expressed their full admiration of the decision to operate the restaurants located at the level of tourist areas in the country in the form of a standing market and a cactus in addition to the pearl, stressing that this step came at an appropriate time after the great damage that affected the owners of restaurants during the past months that closed In their doors to consumers, within the decisions taken by the government to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, indicating that the opening of restaurants will contribute to the revival of this sector and other restaurants due to its close association with many of them, stressing that they follow all the preventive measures drawn up by the authorities responsible for managing this crisis, Including the reception of 50% of the capacity of restaurants, increased to the dependence of the spacing between tables that should not exceed four people, declaring that the first day of return was marked by a large movement, as most of the tables were already reserved by different segments of society from citizens And residents.

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While a group of consumers noted the great efforts made by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management in order to overcome this crisis with minimal health and economic damages, which has succeeded in it so far through its strategic plan, which entered its second stage yesterday, which witnessed the opening of markets and the restarting of a significant percentage of Restaurants, noting that investors in these two sectors follow all the precautionary measures, which will definitely reduce the possibility of transmission between visitors to these stores, saying that the coming days will witness a doubling in the demand for markets and restaurants clearly, especially since the majority of citizens and residents will spend their annual leave here in Doha in light of the difficulty of going out to other countries due to the circumstances that the world is currently going through.

Market activity

In turn, the trader Abu Tamim Al-Afifi, from the Ajeeb Gold Shop, stated that opening the markets, including the gold market, within the second stage of the economic opening plan came at the appropriate time after the great recession that characterized the markets since last February, stressing that restarting most of the markets in the state in a programmed manner will work To strengthen the local economy and get it out quickly from the negative effects of the Covid 19 crisis, by doubling the rates of commercial transactions in Doha, especially since the country’s commercial sector is characterized by its close association with the various activists in it, and the operation of most retail points restores the movement and restores the country to What it was before, even gradually.

On the situation in the gold market in the first days of the launch of the second stage, Afifi revealed that the demand for the precious metal shops was very acceptable, as many commercial operations were recorded from buying and selling, expecting to double the demand for the market in the coming days, in which individuals will return to Buying gold in the way it was before months ago, especially after confirming the procedures followed by the stores to fight the spread of the new Corona virus, and reducing the possibility of clients infecting the epidemic.

This is what Fahd Al-Abarah trader went through, who revealed his complete satisfaction with the process of launching the markets again, including the gold market that was restarted yesterday, stressing that the decision does not only serve the gold merchants, but only the national economy as a whole, which is what needs to be re-needed Trade operations again in order to maintain financial liquidity in local markets, pointing out that gold stores follow all precautions to reduce the spread of the new Corona virus, which gave more confidence to market visitors who arrived in significant numbers on the first day of restart.

Al-Abarah expected that the coming days will witness an increase in customer demand for the gold market, especially in the event that many citizens and residents decide not to travel outside the country to spend their annual vacations and prefer to stay here in Doha, which will open the door to markets in order to receive the largest possible number of visitors in The summer season, in contrast to what was happening in previous years, in which the movement was decreasing in view of the travel of a large number of citizens and residents to various capitals of the world, stressing the feasibility of this for traders who have suffered greatly since last February, as the return of the demand for goods offered from New It will allow them to recover the losses they received at the required speed.



right decision

Speaking to the East, business leader Hamad Al-Kuwari praised the decision of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management to launch the second phase of the plan to exit from the crisis created by the emergence of the new Corona virus, by allowing restaurants located in tourist places to return to work after months of closure in line with the decisions taken by the government At that time to reduce the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic, indicating the importance of the decision for the restaurant sector, which is the sector most affected by the virus, as well as for other sectors that will recover again thanks to the revitalization of restaurants again due to its great association with them, stressing that restaurants follow all the procedures adopted in order to access them .

Al-Kuwari said that it is impossible for the consumer to access the restaurant without highlighting the application of precaution, and to make sure of the condition in which he is present so that his temperature will not exceed 36 degrees, in addition to the necessity of requiring him to wear a muzzle, in addition to the investors ’focus on providing comfort The other is to give more confidence to the visitors of these restaurants, by removing the tables from each other, which ensures social divergence, in addition to spreading sterilizers throughout the restaurant, with the employees wearing gloves and gloves, which gives a sense of safety for consumers.

In the same context, business leader Abdul Aziz Al-Yafie expressed his admiration for the way in which the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management is going through the conditions that the world is currently experiencing due to the spread of Corona virus, through the approval of a strategic plan that reached yesterday its second stage, which witnessed the restarting of restaurants located in Tourist areas, pointing to the importance of the decision for restaurant owners who have suffered a lot in the past months due to the lack of reception of consumers, which will be canceled gradually starting from enabling them to operate restaurants at a rate of 50 of its capacity, hoping to increase the percentage during the coming weeks, saying that activation The catering sector will play a major role in supporting the national economy, by moving many other sectors that are involved with it.


Al-Yafii continued by referring to the great readiness of the restaurant owners to resume work again, as they prepared restaurants with all the necessary mechanisms to avoid the plague of consumers with the epidemic from providing thermometers, to focus on permanent sterilization of tables and benches, without forgetting to follow the procedures approved by the responsible authorities, including obligating Consumers should highlight the application of precaution before entering restaurants with the necessity of wearing masks, stressing that following these procedures will allow graduation in the stages of the plan to open the national economy, as it guarantees investors to return to operating their projects again without harming the public health of the community, calling on the responsible authorities to increase restaurant hours And cafes, giving them freedom to work, instead of requiring them to close at eight in the evening, especially since they provided all capabilities to conduct their business in a good way.

Good turnout

For his part, business pioneer Hussein Al-Emadi said that the first day of restarting restaurants witnessed a large turnout by consumers who rushed to call and book tables, which made all restaurants breathe a sigh of relief after the recession they suffered since last February, which he discovered through his restaurant and restaurants 4 of his acquaintances who confirmed to her the reservation of all tables yesterday, especially since the restaurants occupied 50% and not their full capacity, which created a kind of overcrowding in the demand for them.

Al-Emadi expected the demand for restaurants to double during the coming days, which will witness the appetite of citizens and residents after they are sure of the strength of the procedures they follow in order to fight the spread of the Corona virus emerging from continuous sterilization and follow up on the health of workers in it, in addition to that individuals and after the long quarantine period that they committed to, they will need To find an outlet to remove pressure, which is guaranteed to them by restaurants located in tourist places that will receive a large number of visitors this year in light of the tendency of the majority of citizens and residents to spend their annual vacations in Doha and not to travel to other countries in view of the conditions in the world.


Upcoming opening

For his part, Mr. Abdullah Al-Mansoori praised the great efforts made by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management in order to get out of the crisis created by the new Corona virus with minimal damage, whether in terms of health or economic, saying that entering the second stage prepared by the responsible authorities was expected in view of the positive results that We have achieved it in the fight against the Covid 19 epidemic in Doha, confirming the commitment of merchants in the markets and restaurant owners to all precautionary measures to determine the spread of the new Corona virus, calling them to adhere more to these measures in order to make the vision of those in charge of this crisis successful and return the country to what it was before in Brief circumstance.

And Al-Mansouri indicated that the next stage will witness greater demand from customers, given their satisfaction with the procedures followed, in addition to the fact that the majority of citizens and residents will spend their annual leave here in Doha in light of the difficulty of going out to other countries due to the circumstances the world is currently going through, which will increase the volume of demand On the markets and restaurants.

Mr. Hamad Al-Marri stressed the success of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management in managing the current crisis with great wisdom, due to the great experience of national cadres in the process of getting out of such conditions, which made reopening trade in the country a matter of time only despite stopping it for a period Four months have arrived due to the spread of the new Corona virus, indicating that the second stage of the economic opening plan came to revitalize the most important sectors supporting the national economy, foremost of which is the trade that will recover greatly in the coming days, given the need of individuals to make shopping tours related to clothes, even gold and other goods. In addition to restaurants that will be among the most requested destinations in light of consumers seeking to find places for recreation, and going out with the family to spend the most enjoyable times and stay away from the pressures they have gone through since last February, expecting the improvement of the situation by the coming August, with which we will enter the stage The third.