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The statistical bulletin “Qatar Monthly Statistics” issued today by the Planning and Statistics Authority monitored the most prominent economic and social statistical changes that occurred in the country during the month of August.

Among the most prominent variables monitored by the bulletin is the recording of an increase in the monthly and annual credit rate, as the monthly increase was about 1.0 percent compared to July 2020, while the annual increase was 10.7 percent compared to August 2019, and the highest percentage in this increase was for the public sector at a rate of 1.6 percent on a monthly basis Annual, by about 14.6%.

In the context of economic changes, the country’s consumer price index recorded an increase of 0.48 percent, and the largest increase was in entertainment and culture, followed by food and beverages, and education, by 2.29 percent, 1.93 percent and 1.58 percent, respectively, compared to July this year.

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As for the banking sector, the value of the broad money supply “2” amounted to about 579.4 billion riyals last August, registering an annual increase of 5.1 percent compared to the same month of 2019, while the value of quasi-cash, which includes deposits of commercial banks, amounted to about 871.3 billion. Riyals, with an annual increase of 7.4%, as total deposits amounted to about 811.2 billion riyals at that time.

With regard to demographic data, the statistical bulletin showed an increase in the country’s total population to 2.74 million, compared to 2.67 million in August of last year.

The average electricity consumption during last August was about 5396.4 gigawatt hours, registering a monthly decrease of 1.4 percent and an annual increase of 1.7 percent … while the total water consumption reached 62,581.6 thousand cubic meters during the same month, registering a monthly increase of 1.0 percent, and an annual increase of 6.2 percent.

With regard to the issued building permit data, the total number of permits reached 577, recording a monthly decrease of 15.6%, and an annual increase of 39.0%.

As for data related to traffic accidents issues without counting accidents without injuries, the total number of accidents reached 404, recording a monthly decrease of 26.3%, and an annual decrease of 8.0%.

Light injuries accounted for the vast majority of traffic accidents cases during the aforementioned month, by 89 percent, followed by severe injuries by 8 percent. As for the deaths, they reached 12 deaths, equivalent to only 3 percent of the total traffic accident cases.

As for new registered vehicles, the bulletin indicated that the total number of registered vehicles during the aforementioned month reached 4,565 new vehicles, with a monthly decrease of 18.2%, while they recorded an annual increase of 15.0%.