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The data of the monthly bulletin “Qatar Monthly Statistics” issued by the Planning and Statistics Authority showed a significant increase in the number of real estate sold in the country during the month of July.

The bulletin indicated that the number of properties sold increased by 41.2 percent last July, compared to the previous month, June 2020, and an annual increase rate of 153.5 percent compared to July 2019.

The highest percentage of the numbers and values ​​of real estate sold during the aforementioned month were vacant lands, as they accounted for 56.7 percent of the total number of properties sold and 45.5 percent of the total values ​​of those real estate.

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The Qatar Statistics Bulletin is a monthly, a monthly series that highlights the most important economic, social and financial statistical variables that have occurred in the country within a month, in addition to including excerpts from the results of the 2015 census, and among the most prominent changes that the bulletin showed is the increase in the total number of new drivers ’licenses and the total of registered new vehicles, which reached 1579. And 5582, respectively, a monthly increase of 83.0 percent and 43.2 percent, respectively, and traffic violations increased by 49.9 percent compared to June 2020.

The radar excess speed came at the top of the list of violations, amounting to 66.3 percent of the total traffic violations, and the data showed an increase in traffic accident cases to reach 548 cases, without counting accidents without injuries, with a monthly increase of 51.8 percent, while the annual increase was 18.6 percent.

Light injuries accounted for the vast majority of traffic accident cases during the same month, at 87 percent, followed by severe injuries by 11 percent. As for deaths, they accounted for 12 deaths, equivalent to only 2 percent of the total traffic accident cases. With regard to electricity and water consumption, the volume Consumption last July was about 5471.5 gigawatt hours, recording a monthly increase of 15.6% and an annual increase of 5.3%.

While the total water consumption reached 61990.9 thousand cubic meters during the same month, registering a monthly increase of 3.3 percent, and an annual increase of 4.6 percent. With regard to new registered vehicles, the bulletin clarified that the total number of vehicles registered during the month of July this year amounted to 5582 registered new vehicles. Thus, a monthly increase of 43.2 percent, and an annual increase of 8.2 percent. As for the banking sector, the value of the broad money supply (2) amounted to about 588.1 billion riyals, registering an annual increase of 6.2 percent compared to July 2019, while the value of quasi-cash Which includes deposits of commercial banks, about 878.1 billion riyals, an annual increase of 7.9 percent.