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The number of building permits issued by various municipalities in the country reached 762 last November, an increase of 4 percent compared to last October, during which 731 licenses were issued.
A statement issued by the Planning and Statistics Authority stated that the increase in the number of licenses during last November is due to the increase recorded by the municipalities of Al Khor by (47%), Umm Salal by (43%), as well as North, Doha and Al Wakra by 29%, 22% and 19%. Respectively, the municipalities of Al-Rayyan, Al-Daayen and Al-Shihaniya witnessed a decline of 26 percent, 6 percent, and 5 percent, respectively.
The statement indicated that Al-Wakrah municipality came first in terms of the number of building permits issued in November, with 164 permits, or 22 percent of the total, followed by Doha Municipality with 161 permits, 21 percent, then Al-Daayen, which issued 148 licenses 19 percent. Then Al-Rayyan municipality with 145 licenses, 19 percent. While the rest of the licenses were distributed among the municipalities of Umm Salal with 60 licenses, Al Khor 47 licenses, Al Shihaniya 19 licenses, and the North 18 licenses.
The data showed that the number of new residential and non-residential building permits accounted for 50 percent, 383 permits, of the total building permits issued during the past month, while building additions permits represented 45 percent, 343 permits, followed by enclosure licenses at 5 percent, 36 licenses.
Villa licenses topped the list of new residential buildings, accounting for 81 percent, 237 licenses, of the total residential building licenses, followed by the housing loan housing category with 10 percent, 30 licenses, and apartment buildings with 7 percent and 20 licenses.
Commercial buildings came in the forefront of permits for non-residential buildings with 53 percent, 47 licenses, followed by industrial buildings such as workshops and factories with 27 percent, 24 licenses, and government buildings with 17 percent and 15 licenses.
With regard to building completion certificates, the number of certificates issued by various municipalities last November reached 355, a slight increase of 1 percent from the previous month of October, which recorded 350 certificates.
The data indicate a clear increase recorded by the Al-Daayen municipality, 41 percent, Doha by 16 percent, and Al-Wakra 9 percent, while there was a clear decrease in the Sheehaniya municipality by 45 percent, the North 33 percent, Al-Khor 27 percent, Umm Salal 19 percent, and Rayyan 14 percent.