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Domestic manufacturing plans open the door to the re-export trade

Consumers told Al-Sharq that the country’s success in maintaining smooth and flexible supply chains of commodities and basic goods during the past months, which witnessed global border closures and the suspension of many shipping trips, contributed to enhancing local self-sufficiency.

The “orientinfo” website published a report in which it talked about the situation of the local market for vegetables and fruits, confirming its success in meeting all the needs of consumers in the recent period despite the conditions that the world is going through, noting the plan that the responsible authorities rely on to finance the market with agricultural crops, where the focus is on The merging between imported products and local products that play the main role in many requests related to a group of vegetables, indicating that Qatar was able to continue importing during the past months that witnessed the outbreak of the new Corona virus across most countries of the world, by relying on the Qatar Airways cargo fleet, Which ensured the continued arrival of food shipments from different countries and continents.

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Commercial dealings

The report mentioned a group of countries that are among the most dealt with Qatar in this sector, on top of which is Turkey and Iran, in addition to Morocco, Lebanon, India and South Africa, stressing that the multiplicity of import sources for Qatar allows it to access everything the market needs at the required prices and quality. He pointed out the distinctive quality of goods destined for Doha, which allows providing the best services to consumers in the country.

The report continued by noting that Qatar’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency through a significant percentage of import did not prevent it from developing a strategy for the promotion of local agriculture, as efforts are being made to increase the annual production volume of national farms, which in the last two years managed to achieve a qualitative leap. I hope to continue following the same path in the coming years, waiting for the local farms to be able to meet 60% of the market needs related to vegetables, in the next few years, especially with their full direction to exploit the latest technologies used at the agricultural level in the world.

Vegetables and fruits

And based on what the report stated, the East surveyed the views of a group of consumers, who confirmed the market availability of all the required needs of vegetables and fruits, despite the crisis that the world is going through at the present time due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus that has struck the stability of markets in many countries, on Reflecting Qatar, which confirmed its proficiency in dealing with such situations, and managing these problems through its strategy based on the merging between imported and local products, pointing to the high quality of food products imported by Doha from many countries in the form of Turkey and Iran, praising the efforts made The authorities responsible for this sector in the country during the past period, by continuing to operate freight trips to a significant number of world capitals, describing the prices as logical and consistent with the purchasing power of all consumers regardless of their monthly income.

While some of them praised the role that local agricultural crops play in financing the national market, especially vegetables, as our farms are considered one of the most important suppliers of a group of crops, especially tomatoes and cucumbers, to mention but not limited to, noting the efforts made by farmers over the past years, This enabled them to develop in terms of quantity and quality at the same time, waiting for their success in playing the main role within the market in the near future, in the event that they continue to follow this strategy based mainly on the use of science in order to overcome the climatic difficulties that may face them in the event of They did not search for the production of some types of vegetables and fruits.


Speaking to Al-Sharq, Mr. Thamer Al-Nuaimi stressed that the market is available for all food products, including vegetables and fruits, indicating that the market is not affected despite the crisis that the world is going through due to the spread of the new Corona virus, referring to Qatar’s achievement of self-sufficiency at this time when food stability has hit many From countries of the world, to following a tight strategy that mainly relies on the merging of imported products with their local counterparts, which created a distinct mixture within the market that led to the provision of many options to consumers, praising the efforts made by the authorities responsible for this sector in the country during the past period, in order to maintain On the cargo flights, which are directed towards a significant number of world capitals, especially Ankara and Istanbul.

Al-Nuaimi noted the quality of vegetables and fruits imported abroad, which would not have been possible without the keenness of our wise leadership to link relations with countries known to have agricultural work in the form of Turkey, Iran, Morocco, India and Lebanon, in addition to South Africa who work continuously to supply our local market with the finest food commodities. This is done periodically, which makes us far from the risk of any shortage within the market, which is also financed by local farmers who in turn seek to participate in meeting the needs of consumers with the best vegetables of no less quality than their counterparts imported from the aforementioned countries.

Price stability

In turn, Mr. Hamad Al-Marri said that what can be praised most at the present time is the success of the bodies in charge of the commercial sector in the state in the task of fixing prices and keeping them within reach of everyone despite the crisis that the world is going through at the present time, which led to the increase in the value of products In many global markets, praising that prices in Qatar remain at the level they were before the emergence of the virus, which enables everyone to fulfill their needs regardless of their monthly income, mentioning the prices of some types of vegetables and fruits, starting with potatoes whose price did not exceed 3 riyals per kilogram The same is the case with onions and cucumbers, in addition to pepper, while oranges and apples are sold for 5 riyals per kilogram, while watermelons are available with two riyals per kilogram, waiting for prices to remain the same during the last period, which has not previously recorded any increases until With the onset of the Covid-19 crisis.

The role of the farmer

For his part, Mr. Sultan Al-Yafei praised the efforts made by the national farms in financing the local market, through the volume of agricultural crops that they provide on a daily basis to various markets and retail points, as our farms are one of the most important suppliers of a group of agricultural crops, especially tomatoes and cucumbers, for example. The inventory, stressing the development of local farms in terms of quantity and quality over the past years, which were able in a short period to play a major role within the national market, and which were merely a secondary resource for the local market in case we went back four or five years.

Al-Yafei expected the success of local farms in establishing their position within the local market, and developing more during the near future, in the event that their owners continue to follow the same strategy based mainly on benefiting from the scientific growth achieved at the international level, and benefiting from it in the process of building a very strong agricultural organization with its capacity. Overcoming all the climatic difficulties that you may face if you search for the production of some types of vegetables and fruits, citing the example of the positive results that have been reaped based on the greenhouse and hydroponic method.