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The “Ihtraz” application introduces a new feature in mid-September to support people subject to home quarantine, in continuation of the features it has provided since its introduction in last April and requiring all citizens and residents to install it on smartphones when leaving the house for any reason on May 22nd.

One of the features of the new feature to support people subject to home quarantine is that if the quarantined person lives in an area where the blue board that includes the national address is not available, or if the person wants to undergo a stone in a location different from his registered residence, the application allows these individuals to use a feature The map is to determine the location of the quarantine, and individuals can choose the home quarantine location for one time, and after the first time selection, the chosen site will be closed for the entire period of quarantine.

Dr. Juliet Ibrahim, Director of the E-Health Department at the Ministry of Health and Co-Chair of the Joint Work Committee for the Implementation of “Precaution”, explained that the application is an important tool for using the teams working in the front rows of the Ministry of Health, as they work hard to identify contacts of confirmed cases as well as identify new suspected cases. With the aim of breaking the chain of infection and limiting the spread of Covid-19.

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She emphasized that the application helps the front-line teams to know if a person is near a case infected with the virus and helps them ensure that confirmed cases comply with the required quarantine protocols.

It is noteworthy that the Precaution application is a smart phone application that has been developed to protect society from the spread of the Coronavirus “Covid 19”.

* The Precaution app tracks the transmission chains of the spread of the Coronavirus, provides users with accurate information, and helps specialized medical teams to provide health care when needed.

* When registering for a precautionary application, the profile of each user of the application is linked to a QR code by automatically linking it to his health file from the competent authorities according to the following classifications:

(1) Green color: for individuals who do not have symptoms or whose test result is negative.

(2) Yellow color: for individuals in quarantine facilities.

(3) Red color: for cases infected with Coronavirus.

(4) Gray color: for suspected cases and individuals who have symptoms, or who have had contact with an infected person or are waiting for the result of the examination

* The application is available for Android devices and the “App Store” and uses the Bluetooth and GPS features to provide multiple services, including:

* Strengthening measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

* Helping the competent authorities to uncover the transitional chains to contribute to the return to normal life as soon as possible.

** Registration is done in the Izbat app by entering the following data: the phone number, the Qatari ID number, and the expiry date of the Qatari ID.

** The Precaution app includes 4 basic pages: determining health status, providing information and statistics, hotline numbers, and notifications.

* The health status page, which is the main page of the application, contains the QR code and enables users to know their health status through multiple colors:

Green, gray, yellow, and red.

** In the event that any person who downloaded the application is discovered to be infected with the Coronavirus, his status is changed to red and the people who had contact with them during the previous 14 days are referred to.

** Their status is changed to gray and messages are sent to them for scanning.

And in the event that you do the test, your condition will be changed to gray, and as soon as the result of the examination appears, the color will change depending on the result to green if you are healthy or red if you are injured.

** The information page contains all the statistics issued by the Ministry of Public Health related to the Coronavirus in Qatar, in addition to the hotlines page, which enables users of the application to communicate with the relevant authorities in the event of any health or technical problems.

** As for the notifications page, the application can use the official authorities to communicate with its users by sending them special notifications.