Prices of new cars in Qatar expected to reduce soon

Cars are expected to become cheaper in Qatar as the government yesterday clarified that automobile dealers with exclusive import rights for foreign brands do not enjoy monopoly any more.

Any dealer with a valid import licence can now import vehicles for sale in the local market even if there are exclusive local agencies for those vehicles.

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce said that exclusive agencies could, however, continue to bring vehicles directly from the manufacturers for sale, as they have been doing.

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But other dealers who are non-agents and have relevant and valid import licences will also be allowed to import those brands of automobiles from other sources, such as dealers in other countries.

There is no restriction on dealers importing cars of any brand provided they have the import licence and their names appear in the import register, said the ministry.

Even though foreign brands, including cars, have their local distribution agents, the Minister of Economy and Commerce will soon lay down conditions for the import of these items by non-agents.
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Source News: Qatar Living