In a bid to get hold of people offering private tuitions and violating the law, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has employed inspectors with judicial powers.

Hassan Al Muhammadi, director of the Public Relations Department at the ministry, explained that taking private tuitions are banned by the law. Moreover, newspapers too are not allowed to carry advertisements about private tuitions.

He pointed out that no private school has been granted permission until now to increase the tuition fees this year, as reported by Qatar Tribune.

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Al Muhammadi, further highlighted that many schools have sought permission to raise the fees, the decision of which will be announced on March 1.

He cited that many parents have lodged complaints with the ministry saying they have received messages from schools informing about a fee hike.

The official said that the increase in fees is subject to special procedures and schools are legally bound to explain the reasons behind the increase.

Only deserving schools will be granted permission, he added.