Having a Qatar health card is of great help, whether it is to compliment your private insurance or to ensure proper medical care in the absence of private insurance. Having a health card ensures you get medical care for a lower price than usual at a government clinic or hospital.

Here’s some useful advice about how to get a health card.

First, you must have a valid Qatar residency permit.

To apply for a health card you will need to supply the following documents with your application:

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– Residency permit (RP)

– Copy of each applicant’s passport

– Qatar ID (issued when you get your RP)

– Two photographs (4×3 cm, blue background)

– QR100 fee

– Copy of water and electricity bill to confirm your address

– Children need valid birth certificates and vaccination cards

Once you have gathered all the documents you need and completed the application form, it is time to find your nearest primary medical centre.

Remember to take all your documents and make sure you go in the morning, as they do not accept health card applications in the afternoon. Early morning is best, as each centre will have a different cut-off time for accepting applications.
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