Three Arrested for Production of Homemade Liquor

Three persons arrested by North Security Department for production and promotion of homemade liquor.

During their routine patrolling, one of the North Security Patrol spotted a vehicle in a suspicious condition. As the security persons approached the vehicle driver tried to run away but cops followed him and taken him into custody.

350 bottles with capacity of 1.5 litter each filled with liquor like liquids were found in the vehicle. While interrogating, the accuses confessed on production and sale of liquor that he made with help of two others at his home. After making required legal procedures in coordination with Rayyan Security Department, Al-Fazaa and Criminal Investigation Department, his home was searched and two of his helpers from same nationality was arrested. 1220 bottles of 1.5 liter capacity each and 55 large barrels with capacity of 200 liter each filled with liquor were found along materials and equipment used for liquor making. Large amount also was found. The accused confessed that they are the proceeds from liquor sale.

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The accused were referred to the public prosecution for further legal procedures against them to produce them in front of the court.
Source: Facebook of Ministry of Interior