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The Sisi regime, in all its media and military arms, is still mired in deceiving fraud, lying and misleading, so it constantly publishes misleading news or pictures for everyone, until it becomes clear later that they are falsified by irrefutable evidence.

The military spokesman released the photo through his official account on Twitter yesterday, Saturday, under the title “Maritime Training Across the Northern Fleet in the Mediterranean”.

The verification unit at Al-Jazeera Mubasher channel proved the falsehood of the image after it revealed that the photo was published for the first time on the US Navy website and it concerns joint naval exercises in the Mediterranean in September 2013.

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Al-Jazeera published the original news from the US Navy website in 2013, explaining that the image was fabricated by the presence of another ship with the Egyptian flag as maneuvers of the Egyptian army.

Two weeks ago, the Egyptian military spokesman released photos of the military exercises he said were in the western region, and upon verification they were found to be old, too.

The spokesman said today that the Egyptian and French naval forces carried out “a maritime transit training in the northern fleet in the Mediterranean, with the participation of the Egyptian ghostly frigate (Long live Egypt) with the French ghost frigate (Acne).”

This image is a link in the series of lies that Sisi is adopting to promote false fake victories, as he recently published videos as maneuvers for “decisive 2020” on the Libyan border, and it turned out to be clips of old dates, some during the current year, and some three years ago .