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We all know the place is a space in space that you play in your role in life, so that is why a person must know his rightful place on the earth, for all humanity lives on the earth as the Almighty said in Surah Hud Ayat 61 ((And to Thamud their brother Salah Salih said: O God, worship God, what you have He created you out of the land and colonized you in it, so seek his forgiveness, then repent to him, because a relative who responds is raised)), meaning that God Almighty ordered you to build what you need in it in terms of building houses and planting trees. And it was said: The meaning inspired you buildings from plowing, planting, digging rivers and others.

From this point of view, you live until the Hour comes, as the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, said (((When the Hour comes and one of you has a seed, let him plant it)) and in the sense that man works diligently and diligently in order to earn a reward and reward from God. So that he knows his rightful place that he can accomplish, innovate and develop. Every person has specific capabilities and experiences that qualify him to be creative in a specific field or work, and this matter cannot take advice from others, because some do not give you your correct appreciation and on this basis you must personally know the potentials and capabilities The beauty inside you and makes you creative, and this comes from learning a lot, and taking courses that benefit you and then you will be able to learn at the following different levels:

On the work level: You will know where to sit in your office and what tasks you have to do, and know the different personalities in front of you, their mental abilities, and the correctness of their statements.

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On the family level: You will know your role and what you should do within the family, and the location of your room and put the decorations that suit you.

On the personal level: You will know that you care about the religious and moral character of your personality even if you do not meet good people who appreciate you and also care about the health of your body by practicing sports and eating healthy food, and to be elegant and modest in your clothes that suit you.

On the level of friends and acquaintances: You will know who are loyal friends who appreciate you and are able to respond and interact with you in various aspects of life.

On the level of dealing with family and relatives: You will know the level of each person and his ability to communicate and interact and the goal of that communication and interaction.

On the level of affection and marriage: You will know who can sense you, appreciate your mentality and your personality, and harmonize with you with life.

On the level of knowledge and knowledge: You will know the type of study that will help you to develop for the better and reach the highest positions.

On the level of personality: You will know your ability to lead or other capabilities in persuasion, dialogue and discussion, but you must be careful not to hurt the feelings of others.

Finally, all human beings must place themselves in the right place that befits their capabilities, mentalities and social standing.