Putting in the miles for cycling in Qatar

Cycling, as a sport, is rapidly growing in Qatar.”People are discovering it, finding new ways to stay fit and to come together socially too,” says Marouf Mahmoud. Mahmoud is an avid cyclist who founded Qatar Sandstormers, a group of cycling enthusiasts. He compares the sport to golf a platform where people from different walks can get together and build good relationships and connections. Only in golf,”you have a certain demographic, where people from a certain economic level get together. Cycling is a more accessible sport with a much broader demographic,” he said.

Mahmoud, who has been cycling for over two years in and outside Qatar, says cycling is now very popular in Qatar.”There are many clubs initiating group activities whether it’s a training ride or a small race. Whatever it is, there’s always a group you can go out with. You can ride alone, with a group of two to five people, or with a group of 20 to 40 people and you can participate in events that range up to 200 to 300 people.”

He is convinced that the growth of the sport in the country should be supported.”The most important factor in favour of the sport is the weather. You have at least nine months when you can go riding. When it’s time to go to other places for competitions, people who live here are generally extremely fit as compared to those from Europe, where you have an extended winter (and) where they start training in May, for something happening in June or July. Here, you’re riding all year long.”

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Source News: Qatar Tribune