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The magazine “pv-magazine” published a report in which it talked about the Qatari orientation towards technology in order to further strengthen the Qatari economy during the next stage, indicating the strength of the local economy, which has been ranked according to the World Bank’s reports many times, among the best at the global level, given that Many of the data that comes at the forefront of the human development index, as well as the per capita share of the GDP, which is high when compared to other countries, stressing the quality of life in Doha, whether it is related to citizens or residents, whose density is about 2.7 million, which is the number that It is considered small compared to the huge annual revenues due to Qatar’s reliance on the export of LNG to many countries of the world.The report emphasized Qatar’s planning to rely on a knowledge economy, and to abandon the traditional methods in which it was previously employed in various sectors, citing an example in two important areas of the first financial aspects, with regard to the second energy and its generation method during the next phase, explaining what was said by the hadith. On the great efforts made by the authorities in charge of the financial sector in the state in order to succeed in changing the reality of this sector, and moving it towards relying on financial technology in the near future, through many projects and programs related to this sector.

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and the report showed Qatar’s leadership in the Middle East as an important financial center, not to mention being considered one of the countries most keen to advance the financial technology sector in the region, by enacting a national financial technology strategy, which has contributed so far to building a digital economy in which websites and applications play. A major role in clearing financial transactions, which will facilitate the work of banks in the next stage, which will be able to conduct their work with the fewest possible number of employees and with the efficiency and quality required of customers, stressing the effective participation of Qatar in the high volume of global investments in financial technology, through Special projects for a group of national entities, foremost of which is the Qatar Investment Authority, pointing out that the global investment in this sector reached at the beginning of 2019 about $ 111.8 billion, after it was estimated in 2017 at $ 50 billion.

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The report continued by stressing that the Qatari use of technology for the advancement of the local economy was not limited to the financial aspects only, but rather to the energy sector, where the focus is currently on exploiting all the capabilities that Doha has in order to generate clean energy, indicating the importance of solar energy for the economy Within the framework of the Qatar Vision 2030, as Doha is expected to reach 20% of its annual electricity needs through solar energy, as work is currently underway to construct the Kharsaa solar power plant with a capacity of 800 megawatts, which is approximately 10% of the peak demand for electricity In the country, as well as resorting to modern storage systems, foremost among which is the “1 MW / 4 MWh” system that is pioneering in this field, which allows storing energy during peak hours, which witness the use of an amber volume of electrical energy.

The report indicated that the Qatari shift towards relying on technology to advance in various sectors will undoubtedly reduce the rates of vulnerability of the country to the crises that the world is supposed to go through from time to time, and the same is the case with the conditions we are living in at the present time due to the spread of the new Corona virus, which has not It affects the Qatari economy significantly due to its pre-preparedness for such obstacles, as well as the small human population in the country compared to other countries.