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Qatar Airways has recorded a very low rate in terms of the number of cases of / Covid-19 /, as it recorded only 582 cases on board its flights after it flew more than 4.6 million passengers for the air sectors, aboard 37 thousand flights, equivalent to 33 billion The kilometers traveled by travelers on board flights to various parts of the world since February of this year.

As a result of the constant efforts made by the carrier to monitor this disease on the one hand, and the launch of a number of sterilization and cleaning programs to control it on the other hand, more than 99.988 percent of passengers were transported without any infection on board flights, with less than 1 percent of passengers on flights. They were confirmed to have the disease by local authorities after arriving at a destination on a Qatar Airways flight.

In addition, the virus infection rate among cabin crews on flights has not exceeded 0.002 percent until today, with no cases recorded among hospitality crews since the introduction of personal protective equipment in May of this year, and the provision of face shield for travelers on all flights.

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His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group, said, “These recent statistics confirm that traveling with us is safe, and that we at Qatar Airways have not hesitated to adopt appropriate measures to limit the spread of the virus, such as implementing strict safety and security measures on board all flights,” And following sterilization and social distancing practices at the airport, while ensuring compliance with the restrictions applied at airports and the examination and entry requirements imposed by local authorities in various countries around the world.

His Excellency added, “Since the outbreak of the (Covid-19 /) pandemic, we have launched a set of strict measures to monitor and control the virus on the one hand, and to detect and prevent it on the other hand, through a package of sterilization and cleaning programs that are considered the best in the global aviation sector. In Qatar Airways, it aims to ensure the recovery of the global aviation sector by encouraging everyone to travel from entering the airport until they reach their final destination with all airlines. “

Al-Baker added, “Our approach has been based on adopting a number of additional measures to control the disease, such as providing a PCR examination for departing travelers from high-risk countries, and using air purification filters on flights that employ the latest technology in this field, and other measures.”

In addition to the introduction of Honeywell devices to sterilize the cabin using ultraviolet rays as an additional step in the cleaning process on the plane, this confirms our strenuous efforts to implement the safest practices in the sector. We have also spared no effort at Qatar Airways to protect our employees and crew from infection. With their training on how to prevent the virus on flights, not to mention the introduction of personal protective equipment in the month of May, which contributed to reducing everything that may pose a threat to them until today.

He pointed out that, “In addition, the percentage of flights with confirmed cases of (Covid-19) constituted less than 1 percent of the 37 thousand flights that have been operating since February. And when taking into account the very small numbers of injuries during air travel, “With the low rate of catching the virus on flights, travelers will have an experience of comfort and reassurance by using the most secure means of travel. A recent study by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) also showed that only one out of every 27 million travelers caught the virus on board a flight.”

The CEO of Qatar Airways Group concluded, “Although these numbers are low, we will continue to monitor global developments to fight the spread of (Covid-19), while making sure to work with local health authorities to support them in tracking any positive case of the disease for any traveler on our flights during the incubation period. We must be alert and prepared, and we must continue to apply the strictest safety and security measures to enable travelers to feel confident and reassured on their trips, whether it is their trip to return to their country, to visit family and friends, or to tourism and discover a new place.

According to recent statistics released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Qatar Airways became the largest international airline during the period from April to June, by fulfilling its mission of bringing travelers home.

The Qatari carrier was able to gather unparalleled expertise in transporting travelers to their countries safely, and was in a unique position that allowed it to effectively rebuild its global network of destinations. The carrier has also implemented the latest health and safety measures and procedures on board its aircraft and at Hamad International Airport.

The national carrier of the State of Qatar has taken a number of measures to enhance safety measures on board its flights, by providing personal protection equipment for the guest crew, a bag of personal protection supplies and a face shield for passengers of all classes.