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 Qatar Airways has become the first global airline to use a Honeywell device to sterilize the cabin using ultraviolet rays, which will positively affect sterilization and hygiene procedures on board aircraft, and based on many tests, ultraviolet rays are characterized by their ability to inhibit various types of viruses and bacteria when applied correctly. .

The national carrier said in a statement on its website that the size of this device is approximately the size of a beverage cart, and it has two arms with UV panels installed to sterilize seats, surfaces and compartments without the need to use regular cleaning materials.

The national carrier of the State of Qatar received six devices from Honeywell, which they underwent many comprehensive tests before they were officially put into service. Qatar Airways seeks to acquire additional units of this device in the near future, with the aim of operating them on all aircraft at Hamad International Airport.

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His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways Group, said: “We are pleased to become the first airline to operate long-haul flights to use Honeywell devices to sterilize the cabin using ultraviolet rays on board our aircraft. Types of viruses and bacteria when applied correctly and in the correct quantities.

His Excellency Mr. Al Baker added: “During these unprecedented times, we pay our utmost attention at Qatar Airways to the safety and security of passengers and crews. Our operations continue without any interruption. ” 

“Honeywell has advanced technology today that ensures safe travel for everyone, from travelers to airplanes and at airports,” said James Courier, Honeywell Head of Space for EMEA and India. “Honeywell is studying developments with the aim of creating new devices. , Such as Honeywell Thermo Rebellion, which is a new temperature monitoring system, environmental control system inspection technology that enables airlines to monitor cabin air flow, and a variety of personal protection equipment. The various systems and technologies contribute to creating cleaner and safer airports. ”

Qatar Airways will continue to use cleaning materials recommended by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to sterilize its aircraft periodically. The carrier will use the Honeywell device to sterilize the cabin using ultraviolet rays, as an additional step after manual sterilization, to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and sterilization are applied to aircraft. The carrier will also continue to wash and dry all covers, bedspreads and blankets used on board the aircraft at very high temperatures, while the earphone covers are carefully removed and sterilized after each flight. All of the aforementioned items are then wrapped by employees wearing disposable medical gloves.

The carrier protects its fleet of aircraft through filters that use advanced systems to filter air particles that eliminate 99.97% of the fine airborne particles in the air in the cabin of the aircraft, such as bacteria and viruses, providing maximum protection from infection.

Qatar Airways has enhanced health and safety measures on board its flights with the announcement of the introduction of new personal protective equipment for travelers and cabin crew, which will include a face shield for all travelers; A new disposable protective suit, goggles, gloves and a muzzle for the hospitality crew.
The Qatari carrier will also provide a bag of personal protection supplies to passengers on its flights, which will include a medical mask, medical gloves, and hand sanitizer gel containing medical alcohol. The carrier will provide business class passengers with a hand sanitizer package (75ml). Passengers traveling with Qatar Airways in Qsuite business class seats have the opportunity to experience privacy at its best, with the ability to convert the seat into a private suite and enjoy an oasis of calm and comfort. Passengers can also press the “Do Not Disturb” button on the seat to reduce communication with the cabin crew.