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Excusive Traveler, the global travel and aviation site, has revealed the new business class features of Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The site added that Qatar Airways will add a new business class suite with distinctive specifications when the first aircraft of this model flies in early 2021, and the design will also borrow some specifications from Qsuite seats. The site quoted Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al-Baker as saying that Because the Boeing 787 is smaller than the Boeing 777s and Airbus 350s, it was not possible to accommodate the Qsuites on these aircraft, and a similar challenge appeared on the upper deck of the Airbus A380, as the curvature of the business class cabin wall on the upper deck excluded the first generation of Qsuite, and the giant jets were to receive a similarly modified package, but those plans were canceled due to the early retirement of the A380 – and all double-decker giants have also been delayed until at least 2022.

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Al-Baker added that the new seats will be a modified version of the 1-2-1 seat that the company had in the past, and that this seat will enjoy complete privacy, with a sliding door, and according to the location, the prices of the original business class seats in the Qatari Boeing 787 are still. 8 As it is for business and frequent travelers, Al-Baker said that the Boeing 787-9 fleet plan will replace most of the older and smaller Boeing 787-8 aircraft, which will be leased to other airlines, as well as some Airbus 330 aircraft, and will be added to the business class seats mini-Qsuite on upcoming Airbus A321neo and A321neo LR long-range aircraft, scheduled for delivery in 2022.