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Qatar Airways announced the launch of 11 weekly flights to the Greek capital, Athens, and the carrier said: “The company’s customers can travel on business-class Quesuit seats to 30 global destinations, including London, Paris and Frankfurt, noting that these seats provide great privacy thanks to its wide area. And the separations between the seats.


Qatar Airways announced the increase in the number of flights to Rome and Milan to 11 flights per week to Rome and 10 flights per week to Milan, and Qatar Airways said: Thanks to providing us with the greatest possible flexibility, passengers can change the reservation of their original destination to any other city within the same country or any destination Others as long as it is less than 5000 miles from the original destination. Qatar Airways said: “Travel with us to the most beautiful places in the world aboard our Airbus A350 aircraft, which features a spacious and quiet cabin.

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Hamad International Airport applies the third best airport in the world the latest technology to protect travelers and employees alike, such as the use of smart sterilization robots and enabling travelers to use electronic portals, and in the context of the carrier’s provision to provide the highest standards of hygiene, safety and security on board its flights and to ensure the travel of young children In a safe way, Qatar Airways will provide them with a face protector for children that shows a picture of one of the characters of the Oryx Club, and with close monitoring of the global travel movement and start planning for the re-launch of its flights to more destinations gradually, Qatar Airways will employ its diverse fleet of efficient aircraft to operate the aircraft of the size It is appropriate to meet the expected demand for all destinations expected to be re-launched and the carrier is looking to operate flights to 80 destinations globally and will allocate a strong schedule of flights to many of these cities with one or more trips to each destination.