Qatar Airways announced the launch of three weekly flights to the Turkish capital of Ankara, and the launch of four flights per week to the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, and Qatar Airways resumed its regular flights to Istanbul on June 13, and Qatar Airways had launched its regular flights to Istanbul airport last year. Thanks to its location as the meeting point of East-West.


With close monitoring of the global travel movement and starting planning for a gradual re-launch of its flights to more destinations, Qatar Airways will employ its diversified and efficient fleet of aircraft to operate aircraft of the appropriate size to meet the expected demand for all destinations expected to be relaunched and the airline is looking to operate flights to 80 destinations worldwide. And you will schedule a strong schedule for many of these cities with one or more trips per day to each destination. On its flights, Qatar Airways maintains the highest possible standards of hygiene, which include regular disinfection of aircraft and the use of cleaning materials recommended by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the World Health Organization.

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The carrier has made a package of adjustments to its services, including wearing the hospitality crew working on the trips protective suit, providing services on flights in a new way that reduces communication between passengers and crew, and the hospitality crew members wearing protective equipment such as masks and medical gloves to protect from infection during flights All members of the hospitality crew will wear a full-body, one-time protective suit over uniforms, as well as goggles, gloves and medical masks.

Qatar Airways now requires all passengers to wear a face mask covering the mouth and nose on its flights, and calls on travelers to bring it with them so they can be sure of their suitability for them.