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Qatar Airways will operate more than 450 flights to more than 70 global destinations by the end of this month.

The airline currently operates flights to many destinations around the world, including London, Frankfurt and Sydney, thus contributing to the transportation of many travelers to their countries.

The Qatar Airways noted through its website that some changes may occur on its flight schedule within a short period due to the current conditions, as many governments impose restrictions on entering their territories to reduce the spread of the Corona virus.

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Qatar Airways works closely with local authorities, as well as global governments, to apply the latest advice and guidance on Corona Virus (Covid-19) and operate its flights and services accordingly.

It also seeks to balance the needs of millions of our travelers with the operational challenges we face due to the restrictions imposed on entry to a number of countries.

With the presence of many restrictions imposed on entry to countries around the world, Qatar Airways has invited travelers to check requirements for entering the destinations it intends to visit through the information available through its toxic website.