The Dutch airline carrier ‘KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ has revealed that the airline will be putting an end to flights from Amsterdam to Doha in the coming year. The airline plans to halt all services to Qatar in the month of March after a period of 33 years because operations to the country have proven unprofitable ever since Qatar Airlines launched its direct service to Schiphol in June last year.

Appropriate arrangements will be made for the passengers who are booked with KLM after March 26 such that no inconvenience is caused to any passenger.

After Qatar’s national carrier Qatar Airways expanded its air-network and launched a direct Doha-Amsterdam flight, the move quickly had an effect on the profitability of KLM and ended its monopoly, which it had been consolidating since 2012.

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Although the flight timings of Qatar Airways were convenient for many passengers, the price of the tickets initially was way higher than KLM, however, now the ticket prices have come down and become almost equal to those of KLM.