“Executive Traveler” published a report in which it revealed the intention of Qatar Airways to improve the quality of the business class platform for Airbus “A321neo” and “A321neo LR” aircraft in the coming period, despite the crisis in the global economy at the moment due to the spread of Coronavirus New in many countries of the world, noting that the Qatari development plan aims to convert business seats in these two planes into mini “Qsuite” platforms, explaining that the new seats carry many of the properties of kyosweet with some minor differences, as they are available in special corridors with the possibility Converting the seats to beds, but they will not be in their own doors, as is the case with kyosuite platforms, based on the statements of Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al-Baker.

Al-Baker revealed during his speech the company’s tendency to develop business seats in the aforementioned two planes, describing the new seats closer to kyosweet, as it will resemble them in many details, except for the door, but he nevertheless stated that he would have something special instead In order to enable passengers to maintain the privacy that they desire, indicating that the seat will use an existing design by a well-known manufacturer in this field, which will guarantee travelers greater comfort in their flights from Hamad International Airport in Doha to other airports in the world.

The report indicated that Qatar Airways has 40 orders for Airbus “A321neo” and “A321neo LR” aircraft, which are expected to feature this type of seats in the wing designated for businessmen, pointing out that Qatar Airways will receive the first of these payments after two years from now, expected Qatar Airways to submit more requests to Airbus in the coming period in the event that the global aviation market witnesses a recovery in the coming period, after overcoming the great recession left by the Covid-19 epidemic in this sector from last February.