Badreddine Malik

Qatar Airways noted that it was aware of what was circulated regarding the overpayment during the process of recovering the price of tickets, and the carrier confirmed the safety of the recovery process from it and that it did not participate in the transfer process between the bank and travelers and expressed its happiness in correcting the matter.
On the other hand, Qatar Airways announced daily flights to the Dutch capital Amsterdam and invited its customers to enjoy the rich heritage of the city and its international museums. Qatar Airways said that the Dutch capital Amsterdam consists of 90 islands and includes 1500 bridges and 165 water channels, and the carrier confirmed that it applies the highest standards Security and safety regarding sterilization procedures on board its aircraft and at Hamad International Airport offer a travel experience with a reassuring address. Qatar Airways is currently operating flights to more than 60 global destinations through its operations at Hamad International Airport such as Milan, Budapest, Bali and Beirut. And recently announced the start of operating flights to its global network of destinations gradually, in line with the increasing demand for travel and the easing of restrictions imposed on entry to many countries around the world. The airline plans to operate flights to 80 destinations. Qatar Airways has built bridges of trust with travelers, business partners, governments and airports around the world as a trusted partner. With its plans to expand its network of destinations and enhance its partnerships with other airlines, Qatar Airways is in a position to continue achieving its goal of being the airline that travelers can rely on. Qatar Airways strengthened health and safety measures on its flights with the announcement of new personal protective equipment for passengers and hospitality crews.