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The Qatari-Turkish relations are still witnessing continuous growth day after day with steady steps and a clear strategy based on mutual respect and common interests, thus forming a model for solid relations and solid friendship in the regional and international scenes, especially since these relations have gone through exceptional circumstances as they were tested in the most difficult and tougher times. The circumstances when the two sides stood side by side with each other during the challenges they faced each other in the past few years.

The meeting of His Highness, Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the brotherly Republic of Turkey, today, to discuss strategic relations between the two countries and ways to enhance and develop them in various fields, to reaffirm the development of relations between Doha and Ankara. And diversity at all levels.

The meeting also comes as a continuation of the course of relations that are proceeding in a dynamic way that enhances the strength of the two countries at the regional and international levels, in light of the sensitive conditions that the region in particular and the world in general are going through. Countries and peoples of the region in general.

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On many occasions, the two countries have proven that the friendship that unites them is a true, solid friendship and common interests, and this has been demonstrated by their standing next to each other in difficult days. For example, we mention:

 Supreme Strategic Committee

Since the establishment of the Qatar-Turkish Higher Strategic Committee in 2014, the two countries have met at the leadership level at regular intervals, as the core of its meetings is to stimulate trade and investment exchanges, and the two sides’ keenness to deepen economic relations.

The previous four meetings of the Higher Strategic Committee, according to the island, witnessed the signing of more than 45 agreements in various fields, as the committee’s meetings were always held according to the agreed schedule, with the presence of important delegations from both sides, and important agreements are usually signed as a result.

As for the fifth meeting of the Qatar-Turkish Higher Strategic Committee, which was held on November 25, 2019, seven agreements were signed in the fields of economy, urbanization, trade, industry, technology, and health sectors, as well as strategic planning, scientific cooperation and intellectual property. These agreements will strengthen relations. Bilateral, and enriching political, economic, cultural and scientific relations between the two countries.

The Turkish currency crisis and the failed coup

And because Qatar does not forget its friends and abandon them in their crises as some countries do, it had a significant role during the failed summer coup attempt in the summer of 2016, as Qatar was the most in the world in solidarity with the Turkish government. About standing by his country, while the Qatari foreign country denounced the failed coup attempt.

Doha also stood firmly with Ankara in the 2019 Turkish lira crisis, as His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, visited Turkey at that time and directed to provide a package of economic projects, investments and deposits from the State of Qatar to support the Turkish economy.

The Gulf Crisis

No one can deny the impact of the Gulf crisis on Qatari-Turkish relations, although the history of these bilateral relations dates back to the 1970s, but they gained great momentum after the crisis and the imposition of the unjust blockade on Qatar, as Turkey was one of the first countries that stood with Qatar during the blockade Which was imposed on it in June 2017, and it exported foodstuffs to meet the needs of the Qatari market and reached 10 Turkish transport planes to Doha within 48 hours.

The common political orientations of Doha and Ankara

The harmony of the relations between the two sides at the political level appears greatly, this is evidenced by the agreement of views between Ankara and Doha regarding many issues in the region, from Syria and Iraq, through Yemen, to Libya.

The joint statement of the fifth session of the Qatari-Turkish Higher Strategic Committee touched on many regional issues, and emphasized the importance of the unity of the Gulf Cooperation Council, especially in light of the challenges surrounding the region.

The statement stressed the need to adhere to the principles of mutual respect and full sovereignty of states, non-interference in their internal affairs and good neighborliness, explaining that constructive dialogue is the only way to end the current Gulf crisis.

They affirmed their common interest and full solidarity in combating terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, and affirmed their determination to cooperate to confront the threat posed by terrorist organizations.

The two sides affirmed their continued commitment to support the political process to end the Syrian crisis in a manner that guarantees Syria’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity. They expressed their desire to see a stable, peaceful, prosperous and democratic future for Syria in line with the legitimate aspirations of its people.

They also stressed the importance of preserving the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq to achieve regional stability. They stressed the importance of Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and the need to end the war in Yemen through achieving national reconciliation and constructive dialogue as a basis for a permanent political settlement in accordance with the relevant Security Council resolutions.

Finally, many observers believe that the strategic partnership between Turkey and Qatar bears all the ingredients for continuity and growth, and that the meetings of His Highness and the Turkish President, which are close to 30 in number over the past 6 years, are the best evidence of the depth of the ties between the two brotherly countries.