Doha – Anatolia

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Turkish and Qatari businessmen discussed strengthening cooperation in the sector of ventilation, heating and cooling systems, as one of the ways to strengthen the economic partnership between the two countries. This came during a hypothetical meeting of businessmen working in the ventilation, heating and cooling sector, organized by the Central Anatolian Exporters Union in Turkey, between 5-8 October, and its work was followed up by the Anatolia correspondent. Dozens of Turkish and Qatari businessmen participated in bilateral meetings to discuss options for cooperation in the relevant field, with the participation of 18 Turkish companies and 45 Qatari companies.

Ankara’s ambassador to Doha, Mustafa Koksu, said, during the event, that Turkey and Qatar have become “partners in the economic and trade field through mutual direct investments, contracting projects, financial agreements and tourism relations.” 2015, it rose to $ 1.3 billion in 2019, by 0.7 percent. For his part, Levent Aydin, head of the event committee with Qatar in the Ventilation System Exporters Association, said, “Qatar’s annual imports in the ventilation and air-conditioning sector amount to $ 1.4 billion … Qatar is an important market for Turkey.”