Qatar authorities debunk media reports about World Cup deaths

Qatar’s government has issued a public rebuttal against claims that thousands of workers have died and would continue to be killed while building World Cup sites, a charge that was widely circulated on social media last week.

Such allegations are “completely untrue” and have caused “enormous damage” to Qatar’s image and reputation, the Government Communications Office said in a statement last night on QNA – six days after a story about the deaths was published on the Washington Post’s website.

In its article, “The human toll of FIFA’s corruption,” the Post asserted that some 1,200 construction workers in Qatar have died since 2010.

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It also predicted that the number could reach 4,000 deaths by 2022, citing the International Trade Union Confederation’s hypothesis as one of the sources for these figures.

Washington Post infographic
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Chantelle D’mello