The occasion of the poem: After the Council of Arab Ministers of Health approved the idea of ​​establishing the Arab Board for Medical Specializations in 1978, I was the Qatari member of the First Arab Committee for the Arab Board of Internal Medicine, so we held our meeting in Doha, in the year 1981, before the opening of Hamad Hospital. And when the hospital was opened, we succeeded in obtaining recognition as a training center for medical specialties of the Arab Board.

Now, Brother Dr. Saad Al-Kaabi, Director of the Medical Specializations Department, told me that he has made preparations to start training doctors for the (Qatar Board) certificate for medical specialties, alongside the Arab Board, and he requested that I be a supporter of the Qatari Board, in my capacity as Director of Medical Education at the Heart Hospital, and my historical relationship with the Board Arab, and training doctors in Qatar.

But I was confused in his request, as I do not have what I now support, so I thought carefully, then threw my sticks and sat down (and among the likes of the Arabs: the man threw his stick, i.e. packaged his command and settled in his place of travel and others), so I said:

qatar airways

O companions of the country’s physicians, O soul, in this body

The Sheikh appreciated the fulfillment of your role and proceeded to praise, and with the promise of 1

He has thanks for his complimenting the medical profession, and I support the bond

Medicine took off your honor with sciences every day you find out

But medicine is high in our time, saving people and righteousness and finding 2

It is a relief from my God, and saw God with the help of ages

My brothers in medicine, the children of the country, how much medicine has manifested itself, and ascended

My friends, you shield the fever from an epidemic and misfortune.

We praise God, who has succeeded us, defeat the virus on this country3


Advertise the “board” and hurry, O Saad, so it is for the profession a crown and a bond

And make the board as famous in DNA as we like and forever

Qatar prides itself on a successful medicine in its name “Al-Bord” is a luminous lighthouse

A banner rising, glory rising, and hospital safety tomorrow

It is the culmination of what the medical profession has done in earnest

The board test protects my profession, it is good and a guarantee for the country.


He who seeks very hard “flower” wisdom will be remembered: (Who finds grandfather)

Glory does not attain those who fell asleep by sacrifice. Rather, glory is attained by those who rose up and toiled.

The “board” unit we asked before you for the Gulf of Arabs, nobody accepted

All of them sang to him a sacrifice and a sacrifice of loneliness about us

I was disappointed in a union after the Majlis fell asleep forever and was quelled? 4

They lost the connection that we seek, separated loved ones in distancing and repelling

It was enough for us to say and say among us that it would be rational in all leaders

Let us return to poetry about digging up the rich, how many brothers have drained us


You did not find in my poetry today a passion or affiliation with Ghawan or Ghaid5

Gray hair has illuminated my entire head. A verse that indicates all rationality.

The poetry came, without effort, the praise of the “Board” came and praised and praised

If I threw a stick of my hair, I would blow hair, as I would like.

I spurted hair, and I did not feel a pearl in the goodness of a decade.

He grabbed magic and caught fire, mixed magic with hair, so he missed

I have loved medicine and poetry together, but medicine is my passion.

If the hair drains and becomes a lion, then the medicine strengthens me. This is what


1. His Highness, Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, said on 15/15/2020 on the occasion of the readiness of the Education City Stadium: The front-line in the fight against Covid-19, who saved many lives and gave them hope. Thank you all, and support and appreciation.

2. We find: Ola and Rose.

3. Virus: the virus that causes the Corvid-19 (COVID-19) epidemic currently spreading in Qatar and the world. The scientific name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2.

4. The Council: The Gulf Cooperation Council.

5. Al-Ghaid: Collect the Ghida, the graceful woman.