Qatar Chamber convened a panel meeting yesterday to discuss the draft decision being prepared by the Ministry of Public Health to ensure food safety.
The draft decision aims to provide the appropriate training for food handlers, including an examination test prepared by the ministry, according to a press statement from Qatar Chamber.
During the meeting, the ministry’s director for Food Security and Environmental Health, Wasan al-Baker, delivered a presentation on the importance of the draft resolution on food safety.
She noted that the four-stage training programme would include all persons who deal with food, including manufacturing, transport, storage, and catering.
Qatar Chamber board member Mohamed al-Obaidli, who presided over the meeting, lauded the draft resolution, saying it is important to discuss its implementation to provide a programme of reasonable cost for business owners and to avoid delays at food facilities.
The meeting also discussed the national strategic project of food security, which was presented by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s assistant director of Food Security Department, Sara al-Malki.
The discussion also reviewed the results of meetings held by other sub-committees, including the Livestock Committee, Farms Committee, Food Products Outlets Committee, and Poultry Producers Committee.
The Livestock Committee stressed on the importance of providing lands for warehouses for feeds, and encouraging the private sector to produce feeds as a strategic storage for Qatar’s livestock.
The Farms Committee meetings, on the other hand, assured the need to identify means to supporting productive farms, while the Food Products Outlets Committee recommended immediate actions to develop vegetables and the fruit market to cater to the needs of the market.
The Poultry Producers Committee affirmed the need to review and amend the law of defamation and closure for poultry farms, as well as to identify challenges and solutions facing the sector.
The meeting was also attended by Qatar Chamber board member Abdulrahman al-Ansari, Doha Municipality’s director of Municipal Control Department Hamoud al-Sahfi, Qatar Livestock Society secretary Hamad Rashid Mubarak, Qatar General Organisation for Standardisation and Metrology director of Standards Department engineer Mohamed al-Gabor al-Nuaimi, and other committee members, as well as owners and directors of agricultural and food projects.