Doha, July – Qatar Charity has provided a new batch of food aid to people displaced in camps in Myanmar as part of its ongoing aid relief efforts since the end of 2013.

The organization said in a press statement on Sunday that 5,568 people have benefited of this aid, bringing the total number of beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s relief in these camps to 198,564 people over almost three years.

The aid distributed last month in cooperation with the Turkish IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation took the form of food baskets including dry foodstuffs to help families to secure basic supplies of food for a whole month, such as rice, beans, cooking oil, pepper and canned fish.

Director, Relief Management, Mohammed Rashid Al Kaabi, praised the generous support made by the people of Qatar for the needy people in the world, including Muslims in Myanmar, stressing that Qatar Charity assumes its religious and moral duty towards the needy and keenness to rescue refugees in the tense areas.

Qatar Charity has carried out more than QR 11,500,000 several projects in Myanmar since December 2013, from which 198,564 people have so far benefited, he added.