Qatar Charity (QC) held various activities at Aspire Park, aiming to educate the society on the challenging conditions faced by refugees and their winter needs.
This came as part of the continuation of activities accompanying the ‘Warmth and Peace’ campaign launched by Qatar Charity for the current winter.
The three-day event aimed at easing the suffering of refugees and workers by meeting their winter needs, raising awareness about the most significant winter safety issues, marketing winter and relief products for the benefit of refugees, and supporting the campaign, QC said in a statement.
The event included many activities that allowed children to take a picture with a model of a happy child wearing a coat with the logo of QC, which helped express the delight of the child at having the feeling of warmth.
The event also had a tent resembling a real refugee tent, in which the lives of refugees were explained through video, photographs and interactive games for children, in addition to drawing activities related to refugees and their winter needs, the statement noted.
The children, along with their families, wrote letters in solidarity with the refugee children. They were also acquainted with the bags of workers, orphans and refugees.
Besides, the event included a fire-extinguishing workshop delivered by the General Directorate of Civil Defence, in addition to educating people on public and personal safety. The children got acquainted with firefighting and rescue vehicles, equipment and services, and also learnt how to extinguish fires inside camps and homes.
“Our participation with Qatar Charity in this event came as part the national and societal responsibility to make people aware of safety requirements and fire prevention,” said Lieutenant Khalifa Issa Abdul Rahim, adding that the workshop received an overwhelming response from children and their families.