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Minister of Education and Higher Education in the Somali State of Puntland Abdullah Mohammed Hassan opened the Dar es Salaam Primary School, built by Qatar Charity (QC), in the city of Garowe.
The 400-sqm school, which is expected to benefit some400 students, has several classrooms as well as rooms for the principal and teachers.
The project aims to support the education sector in Somalia by increasing the literacy rate and creating generations capable of participating in the development of the country.
At the inauguration ceremony, the minister said his ministry would move forward to strengthening cooperation with charitable organisations, including QC, for the improvement of its education sector.
He also thanked donors in Qatar for their generous support to build the school, hoping it would contribute to building an educated generation.
Abdel Taher Abshar, director of the Dar es Salaam Primary School, thanked QC for its continuous efforts to provide an appropriate educational environment and improve the level academic performance of students.
He also noted the humanitarian role of QC’s office in Mogadishu, Somalia, in the areas of relief and development, in addition to sponsoring orphans, students and teachers.
QC has completed several multi-service centres in Somalia, including one in 2017 which also hosts a school. In the same year, a specialised agricultural school was opened by the charity in Afgooye, a town in the southwestern Somalia Lower Shebelle region, which is the first of its kind in the region.