Qatar firms and workers look to keep cool on construction sites

In a sign that more construction companies in Qatar are giving greater thought to their employees’ welfare, sales of high-tech cooling gear for outdoor workers are increasing exponentially, a local firm has said.

TechNiche International sells products that help workers combat the onset of heat-related stress and illnesses during the summer months.

They include wrist and headbands that are soaked in water for a couple of minutes and can cool the wearer for up to four hours, as well as inserts that are filled with a special liquid that stays cold when slipped into one’s pocket.

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Paul Gilligan, TechNiche’s general manager for the Middle East, said his company has grown in Qatar from a negligible amount of sales in 2013 to revenues in the seven digits last year.
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Chantelle D’mello