Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) signed an agreement with Batrouniyat for the restoration of the old market in the Lebanese village of Douma during a ceremony dedicated to the occasion.
The agreement was signed by Qatar’s ambassador to Lebanon Mohamed Hassen J al-Jabir on behalf of QFFD, and Chantal Aoun Bassil, the president on behalf of Batrouniyat, according to a statement yesterday.
The renovation includes the rehabilitation of the frontage of the market, the improvement of the project infrastructure, as well as the development of private and public facilities.
The project aims to contribute to support the Lebanese people by improving the urban planning of the area and contribute to the renewal of the economic movement of the region.
The market is an economic magnet for the village and represents an important location for heritage and tourism.
Speaking on the occasion, ambassador al-Jabir said: “This contribution represents the ongoing commitment of Qatar through the Qatar Fund for Development to support Lebanese people and preserve Lebanon’s heritage and tourism, as well as providing assistance in different areas, such as economic, social, cultural, developmental and humanitarian.”
Chantal Aoun Bassil said: “Here is Qatar again and again helping Lebanon to hold up beautiful and distinctive, we thank His Highness the Amir, HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the ambassador to Lebanon and Qatar Fund for Development for providing $1mn to finish this unique project, which will always hold the name of Qatar on its walls. We in Batronas will love Qatar, and the Dominians, Batronas and Lebanese will hold Qatar’s permanent gratitude for its good.
“This project complements the role of the Qatar Development Fund, represented by Qatar, in assisting the Arab brothers. The project is also a continuation of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal number eight, ‘promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all’.”