The Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) has predicted another cold spell in the country   from tomorrow along with more thundershowers today.

QMD reported that a Siberian high-pressure system was expected to affect the country from tomorrow dawn, which will be accompanied by a “northwesterly fresh to strong winds over all areas”.

According to the report, a noticeable drop in temperatures is expected.

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The maximum temperature in Doha will range between 17C and 20C and the minimum between 10C and 13C, and in areas outside the city, it will be cooler.

Moreover, the QMD has warned of more thundery rain in Qatar on Friday along with strong winds.

It may be mentione that the country continued to be affected by a state of instability due to a low-pressure trough, according to the weather office.

In fact, this condition of atmospheric instability is expected to peak until this evening and conditions would become more favourable for moderate to heavy rain in most areas.

The speed of southeasterly-northeasterly winds will blow at around 5-15 knots in inshore areas, going up to 25 knots during thundery rain.

It would later become northwesterly and blow at a speed of 8-18 knots, reaching a high of 22 knots, towards the north by night, as reported by the Gulf Times.

In the offshore areas, northeasterly winds will blow at 10-20 knots initially and would become northwesterly later, and blowing at a speed of 15-25/28 knots.

Furthermore, hazy and cloudy conditions are also expected in both inshore and offshore areas today.

The QMD has urged people to avoid venturing into the sea due to the inclement weather.