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The first phase of the Arbitration Qualification and Preparation Program will start tomorrow, Sunday, under the title / Concept of Commercial Arbitration and its Legal Nature, organized by the Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration at the Qatar Chamber in cooperation with the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education at Qatar University, where the program will be held for the first time through visual communication technology.

The first part of the program includes qualifying the trainees to become familiar with the concept of arbitration and its types, systems similar to arbitration, types of arbitration, the legal nature of it, and the requirements of arbitration litigation.

The training program aims to qualify and prepare Qatari cadres through a scientific and training program on the concept and essence of arbitration, its nature and types, and the development in arbitration legal thought, in order to undertake the responsibility of resolving commercial, financial and investment disputes through arbitration to contribute to lifting the burdens on the ordinary judiciary.

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The different stages also aim to familiarize participants with the ability to understand the idea of ​​commercial arbitration and its various applications, the procedures for managing the arbitration case by the arbitrator and the arbitrator, how to formulate the arbitration award and its most important elements, and the implementation of the arbitration award and the reasons for its invalidity, and the program also includes practical training on mock trial.

The program targets lawyers and legal consultants, legal and administrative leaders in public and private sector companies, legal departments in ministries and government institutions, banks and financial institutions, heads and members of boards and directors of companies, business owners, contractors, commercial agents, arbitrators and experts in the field of commercial disputes, engineers, accountants, lawyers under training and students Law.

The organization of the program comes as a result of cooperation between the Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration and the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education at Qatar University, to meet the training needs of institutions and individuals in the field of commercial arbitration, which is gaining increasing global importance as one of the most important methods of resolving disputes arising from commercial contracts, and one of the tools for measuring climate Investing and setting up a business.