Residents shopping for necessities at a Doha store Monday
Residents shopping for necessities at a Doha store Monday
*Hypermarkets say they have adequate stocks
Hypermarkets are urging the public to stay calm and to avoid panic-buying as they have enough stocks to meet the local demand and the government is determined to prevent the virus from spreading.
The government has already taken effective measures, which are being reviewed and updated everyday to ensure the safety of the residents.
Qatar has also proved its ability to meet greater challenges and emerged as a leader in risk and crises management, particularly after the unjust blockade that was imposed on the country by its neighbours.
LuLu regional manager Shanavas P M said his company’s management had anticipated the current scenario “two weeks back”.
“But the rush amongst customers today may have stemmed from the decision to temporarily suspend flights to 14 countries, as well as the announcement of the suspension of classes from March 10,” Shanavas told Gulf Times Monday.
He emphasised that LuLu has enough stocks to provide for up to two months’ need of “almost all essential items.”
“We have sufficient stock for essential items like rice, oils, and pulses, among others,” Shanavas said, adding that LuLu is working with suppliers from Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, and other African countries to further shore up its stocks.
“LuLu also has our international offices in countries not affected by the coronavirus , so we are also working with them to source out other goods and supplies. LuLu will cater to the needs of the market at any point in time,” Shanavas stressed.
He also urged residents to refrain from panicking, saying that its hypermarkets have back-up stocks and that LuLu “will not hold out any stocks” and will not hike prices of items. “Whatever is available, we will sell for the same price,” Shanavas pointed out.
Similarly, Rajesh Nair, the procurement manager of Safari Mall, reassured the public that the company has ample supply of basic commodities, as well as food and non-food items.
“We have different international suppliers from all over the globe, which is why we are not worried about running out of stocks. Also, we have expected this situation, which is similar to what happened during the initial days of the blockade, so we know what to do because we are prepared.
“Besides, Ramadan is coming and we have also taken this into account, so we are well-stocked and we guarantee our customers that there will be no shortage in grocery items and basic goods like rice, sugar, and meats,” Nair said.

Last updated: March 10 2020 12:36 AM