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The site “kallanish energy” published a report in which it talked about the future of Qatar in the global market for liquefied natural gas, nominating it to be among the most prominent countries exporting this type of energy to various countries in all continents during the next few years, by relying on a clear plan. The main one is expanding its presence in Europe, and competing with Russia, which is currently multiplying the main financier for the old countries of the continent with gas, thanks to the huge base of contracts that connect it to various capitals, but this does not mean that the situation will continue as it is in the coming period, especially with the Qatari orientation Towards working on offering its LNG products in the old continent, relying on the Isle of Green terminal to receive liquefied natural gas in Kent, United Kingdom.

The report showed that Doha is emptying out the export of liquefied natural gas to Europe, after it was able to control the Asian market in this product, and it exports about 75% of its total production capacity to the countries of the yellow continent, especially South Korea and Japan in addition to China, which pushed it to Finding new sources to supply its wealth of liquefied natural gas, which is considered one of the most sought-after energy products at the present time, especially in Europe, whose countries need greater quantities of gas, which the Isle of station will be able to provide in the future.

The report showed the great capabilities that the station will have, starting from 2025, thanks to the partnership contract between Qatar and National Grid Green, and what allows Qatar to exploit the storage capacity of the Isle of Green terminal to receive natural gas, up to the equivalent of 7.2 million tons. In the year, as Doha will be able to take advantage of LNG stored in the United Kingdom and pass it to a group of the old countries of the old continent, not to mention its individual capabilities in exporting this material to any place it wants using its huge fleet of tankers, which is expected to expand in the next stage After its recent shipbuilding requests, this will undoubtedly increase Qatar’s presence in the European LNG market, and make it one of the countries most able to compete with Russia.