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On Saturday, the State of Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, will celebrate the International Day of Migratory Birds.

And starting from this year (2020), according to the United Nations, the International Day of Migratory Birds is celebrated in the months of May and October of each year, coinciding with the migration cycle, by organizing events in all countries of the world at peak times of migration.

In participating in the celebration of this occasion, the Ministry aims to highlight the need to preserve migratory birds and their habitats by increasing awareness of the threats they face, their environmental importance, and the need for international cooperation to preserve them.
The State of Qatar attaches great importance to the environment and its preservation within the environmental development goals included in the Qatar National Vision 2030 AD, and Qatar is an important station for migratory birds in their journey in which they fly for hundreds and thousands of kilometers, to find the best available habitats to feed and raise their young, and Qatar is a permanent home for about 300 Kind of bird.

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The state also attaches great importance to protecting wildlife and their natural habitats, and in this regard, it has sought to establish many conservation areas and natural reserves for the purpose of protecting and maintaining ecosystems and their components.

Al-Karaana Lake has been added after its rehabilitation, as a new home for wild and aquatic life, because it provides a natural and healthy environment that includes different types of birds, swans and others. The lake also provides a green rest station and clean water for the flocks of migratory birds that pass over the country.

Despite the desert climatic conditions of the State of Qatar, its long coastline provides shelter for all types of wading birds, from long flamingos to the smallest plover birds, as many types of birds cross the country twice a year on their migration route, especially after the establishment of many areas and lands Humid farms, parks and gardens, which have greatly increased the number of birds visiting the State of Qatar.

The International Day of Migratory Birds, which was celebrated for the first time in 2006, is a new global platform aimed at uniting conservation efforts, enhancing knowledge and raising public awareness about the urgent need to protect migratory birds and their habitats at all levels, as well as countering threats to their migratory routes around the world. Most countries, international organizations and associations participate in this global event.