Qatar opened 3 new markets

Qatar opened 3 new markets 


The Livestock Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has planned to open three new livestock markets in Al Khor, Al Sheehaniya, and Abu Nakhla.

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Two livestock markets are in operation, selling locally farmed animals directly to customers without middlemen in Al Mazrouha and Al Shamal.

The markets will include veterinary clinics, pharmacies, and outlets for selling compost and green fodder.

He said that under an initiative of farming animals Al Azab complexes, ten projects were launched for the private sector for buying animals from small farmers and reselling them to the customers in cooperation with Widam Food Company.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment provided free of cost veterinary services, compost fodder, milking machines for sheep, goat, and cow at livestock complexes.

The Ministry issued certificates to livestock farmers which are required at the Ministry of Commence and Industry for the disbursal of subsidized fodder and water.

Qatar became 100 percent self-sufficient in the production of fresh chicken and dairy products. However, he said, the self-sufficiency rate of the country in the production of table eggs and red meat reached 34 percent and 18 percent respectively.