Badruddin Malik

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Qatar Ports, the Qatar Gateway to Trade with the World, maintained its strong performance despite the effects of Covid 19, as the volumes of general cargo handled during the nine months ending in September 2020 increased by 80% compared to the same period last year, while containers recorded a growth of 3%. Qatar Ports received 2,372 A ship from January to September 2020 carrying 1,030,632 TEUs on board, in addition to 1,002,699 tons of general cargo and 45,712 units of vehicles and equipment, in addition to 339,837 heads of livestock, as well as 236,600 tons of building and construction materials.

And Qatar Ports manages harbors, berths, dry ports, container terminals and other terminals, including cruise ship terminals, and carries out maritime pilotage, ship mooring and navigation aid management, in addition to shipping, unloading, handling and storing goods of all kinds and containers.

Also within the company’s scope of work is the development of seaports and related services in accordance with the highest internationally recognized quality, safety and security standards. Qatar Ports also provides the most efficient and sustainable marine services in the world while preserving the Qatari marine environment, thanks to its advanced fleet and professional team, as well as providing safe, reliable and effective services to its customers around the clock.