Doha – East:

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Qatar Ports is committed to Qatar’s main gateway to the world to enhance the role of the maritime sector, and to maximize its contribution to the national economy, in line with the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030, as well as to ensure the smooth movement of incoming and outgoing goods and materials related to the ongoing projects, which are planned for in the future. A sea port in deep waters in the State of Qatar, currently with major ports in 3 continents around the world, has an ambitious plan to expand and build a global shipping network with its modern and advanced facilities.

Hamad Port strengthens Qatar’s main gateway to trade with the world, and contributes to transforming it into a vital logistical center in the region. With an area of ​​2,805 square kilometers, Hamad Port unleashes the potential of trade and investment opportunities in Qatar at a time when Qatar’s ports are forging ahead with the development of sustainable ports side by side. Hand in hand with building global logistical supply chains in line with Qatar National Vision 2033.

Hamad Port, Qatar’s main gateway to trade with the world, plays an important role in the Qatari economy, as it is a vital link in the global supply chain, and the second container terminal that is under construction will be a real addition to the port, which is now attracting international shipping companies, and Doha Port strengthens Qatar’s gateway to marine tourism Efforts to transform Qatar into an attractive tourist destination in the region by securing and receiving international cruise ships, as well as providing the necessary facilities for the growth of a sector that is a major contributor to the economic diversification pursued by the Qatar National Vision 2030.

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Ruwais Port also plays a pivotal role in promoting export and import operations for all types of goods, containers, commodities and project needs in the country. As Qatar’s northern gateway to trade, the port provides safe, ideal and comprehensive solutions to customers, through stable and reliable supply chains to meet the needs. Qatar Ports manage ports, berths, dry ports and terminals. Containers and other terminals, including cruise ship terminals, and carry out maritime pilotage, ship mooring and navigational aid management, in addition to shipping, unloading, handling and storing goods of all kinds and containers. Also within the company’s scope of work is the development of seaports and related services in accordance with the highest internationally recognized quality, safety and security standards.

Qatar Ports also provides the most efficient and sustainable marine services in the world while preserving the Qatari marine environment, thanks to its advanced fleet and professional team, as well as providing safe, reliable and effective services to its customers around the clock.