South Korean ambassador Kim Chang-mo.
South Korean ambassador Kim Chang-mo.

Qatar government, through the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), prepared efficiently to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country, ambassadors of South Korea and Belgium have said.
“Even though the number of cases in Qatar now is not small, all of them happened among people under quarantine. It means they are under full control. All of the confirmed patients are now in the specially-prepared hospital,” South Korean ambassador Kim Chang-mo told Gulf Times.
He said the diagnostic test capacity of Qatar is also considered world-class and the government’s High Committee took all necessary measures to protect the people in Qatar.
Chang-mo hoped that the situation will improve in the near future and “the entry control will be lifted as soon as the situation allows.”
MoPH announced yesterday that there are 64 new Covid-19 cases in Qatar, bringing the total confirmed cases so far to 401.
The patients are in good health, completely taken care of in sanitary isolation, and getting the needed medical care.
The envoy said the Korean community in Qatar is faithfully following the instructions and advice of Qatari authorities to prevent further spread of the disease.
“The Korean community decided to close their community school two weeks ago and avoid unnecessary events or gathering for the time being,” he added.
Chang-mo said the South Korean embassy in Doha has been updating the situation and advising preventive measures for Koreans in Qatar, such as proper washing of hands, avoiding social gathering, among others, and strictly following Qatari authorities’ instructions and guidelines.
“We have full belief on Qatari authorities and this unusual situation will be settled down by joint efforts of the government and the people, including expatriates as well,” he said.
Belgian ambassador Bart De Groof shared the same view, saying that the Qatar government has been acting in a very appropriate way to take all the measures that are needed to address and to stop the spread of Covid-19.
“It is also very important that messages go up to the whole community because this affects us all and the measures that have been taken until now have proved also to be rather effective and we hope of course that things stay as they are,” he told Gulf Times.
“It is very important to have a clear line of communication with the public on things that are being done, so that is happening at the moment.”
“There is of course restriction to public life, to travel and so on, nobody really likes that but I think everybody realizes that this is for the good of all of us, we all have to come together and act responsibly,” the envoy said.
On the embassy’s part, De Groof said they go out to their own community to raise awareness and share links from the Qatar government’s communication about Covid-19 that provide more information and updates “so they can follow closely what is happening in the country.”
“We are also coordinating with other EU embassies to see how all of us can help in this regard. As far as my own country is concerned, Belgium, like any other country that has been affected by this outbreak, we really put very strict measures in place,” the envoy said.
“We have gone to national emergency plan which basically includes also the closure of almost all public places, and the schools,” he noted.
“We also tell people, if they are not feeling well, stay at home, be careful and don’t infect others and avoid public places as much as you can and keep the normal things to do, have good personal hygiene, clean your spaces the surfaces around you, just be reasonable, be a responsible person in this.”