Qatar traffic authorities insist restrictions will ease congestion

Expatriate secretaries, cashiers and cooks will not be allowed to drive in Qatar under new regulations.

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The country’s traffic department had issued a circular limiting the issuance of driving licences to certain categories of expatriate workers in a bid to reduce the number of drivers and ease alarming road congestion.

Local daily Al Raya reported that the list would include workers, builders, blacksmiths, farmers, hairdressers, cooks, electricians, tailors, waiters, salespeople and computer technicians. Skilled professionals such as doctors, pilots, accountants, engineers, lawyers, clearance agents, sales representatives and architects will not face problems obtaining the licence, the sources said.

An unexpected rise in the total population and massive construction work ahead of the 2022 Football World Cup has added to the pressure on the capital’s roads.


The following is the unofficial  translation of the full list of professions not eligible to apply for the Qatari driving licence, as announced by the Traffic Department:

Gypsum worker,  technical assistant, service worker, watchman, horse trainer, labourer, sailor, servant, nanny, farmer, blacksmith, bakery worker, painter, herdsman, fisherman, tailor, calligraphy technician, shoemaker, grocery worker, tiles worker, builder, butcher, service worker, nutrition worker, industrial service worker.

Hotel service worker, financial services worker, vegetable seller, plumber, sea shipment worker, land shipment worker, jeweller, air cargo worker, cook, typist, boat carpenter, beauty saloon worker, welder, translator, painter, welding technician, installation technician, maintenance technician, mechanical technician.

Barber, baking mixer,  cook, meat, shawarma and sandwich griller, falafel maker, sweets maker, waiter, laundry worker,   prayer caller (moazin), rescue worker, security guard, gate guard, lift worker,  shipping worker, carrier, packing and grinding worker, irrigation worker.

Gardener, agricultural worker, wood seller, horse hostler, fodder worker, machine operator, tailoring worker, plaster worker,  tents tailor, embroider, general typing, stamp maker, crusher machine operator, glass technician, marble technician, metal-casting technician, tiles technician.

Pastry maker, vinegar maker, general manufacturing worker, ice maker, plumber assistant, lathing worker, AC technician, whitesmith, electric welder, pipes welder, oxygen welder, general equipment mechanic, glass installer, installation electrician, general electrician, lift electrician, telephone central electrician, installation technician, general carpenter, construction carpenter, décor carpenter, upholstery worker, furniture upholstery worker, curtain installer, curtain upholstery worker, assistant builder, connections technician, digger, bricks builder, mixer operator, concrete blacksmith, manufacturing worker, designing technician, civil technician, construction technician, juice maker, kebab maker, henna maker, goldsmith, grave digger, animal caretaker, milkman, plaster technician, ceramic worker, tyre worker, cook’s assistant, bar keeper, key technician, massage worker.


Once you have a Residence Visa for Qatar, you need to get a Qatari Driving License in order to be able to drive in the country.  If you currently hold a valid driving license from one of the GCC countries, or from one of the following countries, you can get a Qatari driving license without having to take the driving test.

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA and Vatican City.

If you do not a have a license, or you have a license from a country not listed above, you will need to pass the Qatari driving test.


Securing a driver’s licence in Qatar has become very difficult for new learners, a source from a leading driving school in Doha told.

Out of an average 35 persons who take the test on any given day, only three to four will get the licence.

The entire test include a theory part, identifying vehicle engine parts, parallel and pocket parking, and the road test. Each of the tests is taken on different dates.

An Asian expatriate and his colleague who failed the driving test waited for more than two months before getting a schedule for their second try.

Despite the ban on some 162 categories of workers, a huge percentage of applicants are being accepted by driving schools. – Gulf Times Reported.