Qatar, a country with relevant presence regionally and internationally, demonstrated its ability to deal wisely with the blockade with no retaliation and building up new bilateral and multilateral partnerships, such as with Argentina, Argentinean ambassador Carlos Hernandez has told Gulf Times.
“Qatar’s foreign policy has shown high professionality based on the principles of international law, friendly relations and constructive co-operation with all countries,” said the envoy, as he congratulated the country and its people on the occasion of their National Day today.
He said Qatar shares with Argentina the position of resolving differences through dialogue based on common interests and respect for the sovereignty of states and strictly respect of all obligations related to human rights. Hernandez underlined Qatar’s resilience and wise leadership in overcoming the impacts of the blockade and managed it in a short time, turning its consequences into what he described as “very positive gains”.
Such efforts allowed Qatar to emerge as a modern society and state, “a developed economy as stated by His Highness the Amir,” the envoy said. “It is a country which achieved one of the fastest economic booms in modern history, with a significant difference, it had to do it by itself within a difficult regional environment,” he pointed out.
Hernandez stressed that Qataris should feel very proud of their dignity and self-reliance, and for being a community which clearly spreads the values of brotherhood, solidarity, generosity, peace and human rights. “The Qatari people count with the deepest respect of the Argentine people for being such a good example in terms of moral culture and for the clear vision and wise leadership of His Highness the Amir, supported by his team,” he said. “No need to say that for these reasons I feel in Qatar at home, strong feeling shared by my family and for sure by all citizens and expatriates living in this special good land.”
Hernandez also finds Qatar’s massive environment-friendly infrastructure programme not only impressive but also a smart move. “When you build infrastructure such as these, you are investing in your future – the so called legacy, the development goals set out in Qatar National Vision 2030, which will survive us all,” he said.
About the hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the envoy said preparations for the prestigious tournament are impressive, well-organised, ahead of time and never seen before in other FIFA World Cups.
He also lauded the efforts of Qatar National Tourism Council in promoting the country across the world as a tourism destination. Apart from the admirable heritage, culture and natural beauty, Hernandez said Qatar offers citizens of more than 90 countries a visa-free entry.
“This amazing country which I call home, found lately new horizons and partners, and I feel happy to say that Argentina is one of the new strategic partners,” he said. “We are seriously and actively pursuing a solid, compact, bilateral relationship, now and in the near future, covering all possible fields at the highest possible level,”
“During this last time our exports to Qatar increased reasonably. Qatar is the main provider of LNG to my country and investments on shore and off shore of Qatar Petroleum are more than relevant for many years to come,” Hernandez said.