UAE, Qatar the Mideast’s top internet economies

Both countries are tapping into the huge potential that exists and leading the way for growth, ICANN says

Dubai: The UAE and Qatar lead the Middle East when it comes to advanced and productive internet economies, according a 2015 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) e-Friction Index.

Globally, Qatar is ranked 23rd, with the UAE in 24th place — ranking ahead of a number of strong emerging economies.

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In a new study, the BCG e-Friction Index ranks 65 economies according to four types of e-friction — infrastructure-related friction that limits basic access; industry and individual friction, both which affect the ability of companies and consumers to engage in online transactions; and information friction, which involves the availability of, and access to, online content.

The study, titled ‘Which Wheels to Grease? Reducing Friction in the Internet Economy’, shows that high e-friction economies are in danger of missing out on a high-impact propellant of growth and job creation. Those that address their sources of e-friction have the potential to add significant value to their economies.

“The internet has created an unprecedented environment for businesses to grow and flourish, thanks to its ‘permission-less’ innovation, which makes it possible for everyone to explore the untapped opportunities of today’s digital economy,” said Baher Esmat, vice-president of Stakeholder Engagement in the Middle East at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which commissioned the 2014 report and the update.
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Source News: Gulf News