Doha – East

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Qatar topped a new global index that sets standards that make the digital economy more confident and resilient. The Digital Intelligence Index, launched by Fletcher College at Tufts University in America and MasterCard, provides an in-depth look at technology adoption rates and digital confidence around the world. The study revealed that economies such as Qatar have established advanced digital bodies to manage and direct this growth. The index shows the progress countries have made in advancing their digital economy, enhancing trust, and integrating connectivity into the lives of billions of people. It also sheds light on the main factors driving change and giving impetus to this sector, and provides a detailed analysis of what this means for economies facing the challenges of the global pandemic, and what the post-pandemic future holds.
The study revealed that economies such as the economy of the State of Qatar, which has established advanced digital bodies to guide growth, have set long-term strategic plans supported by high levels of education, a high proportion of youth among their population, and the ability to access global talent to diversify their economies and shift from energy-exporting countries to advanced economies. Digitally. Bhaskar Chakravorty, Dean of the School of International Business at Fletcher College, commented that perhaps the pandemic has been the strongest test of the progress our world has made in digital transformation. He added that today we have a clearer vision about the role of the vital digital economy in enhancing the resilience of the economy during a period of unprecedented turmoil in the world and its role in creating change and recovery.