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The Chamber’s monthly economic bulletin for the month of June revealed that the State of Qatar has issued all the indicators of global economic development.


The highest development rates were recorded in these reports, as Qatar ranked first in the list of Arab countries by ranking first and 27th globally in the ranking of the World Peace Index for 2020 issued by the Institute of Economics and Peace in Australia, and according to the axis of the index of the most secure and socially peaceful countries, the report ranked the report Qatar is ranked first in the Arab world and 16th globally among 163 countries. This makes Qatar one of the twenty safest countries in the world.

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Qatar topped the women’s labor force participation rate of 58.3%, according to a recent study by the Arab Monetary Fund. The bulletin said that this classification reflects the position that Qatar has assumed at the world level in a way that enhances the investment climate, noting that the State of Qatar also occupied an advanced global rank in the index of economic freedom, as it ranked 31 globally among the 186 countries included in the index that evaluates The extent of intellectual and economic freedom, according to the Washington Heritage Foundation report, or what is known as the Heritage Foundation, which was published by Global Finance. The bulletin also included the monthly report of the foreign trade of the State of Qatar for the month of April 2020 and the trade of the private sector, which amounted to about 572 million riyals, while the surplus of the trade balance during the said month amounted to about 4.3 billion riyals.