Doha Joint Rescue Coordination Center and Turkish Search and Rescue Centre have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for exchange of experience and training between the search and rescue centres in the two countries.
The agreement was signed on the fifth day of the 33rd meeting of the Satellite-Aided Search and Rescue Initiative (Cospas-Sarsat Program), in the presence of Turkish Ambassador to Qatar HE Fikret Ozer.
In a statement after the signing, Commander of the Doha Joint Rescue Coordination Center Brigadier-General Mohammed Hamad al Shahwani said the MoU came in implementation of Article III of the Amiri Decision No. 147 of 2013, which provides for carrying out all the necessary measures, communications and regional and international partnerships necessary to activate and sustain the State’s use of the satellite communication system for search and rescue services.
Shahwani added that the MoU also aims to exchange experience, training and procedures in search and rescue centres between the Qatari and Turkish sides and keep abreast of developments in the field of satellites.
The meeting also saw the signing of a three-year maintenance contract with the US company McMurdo. The new contract renews the existing contract with the company to equip the Doha Joint Rescue Coordination Center. The contract provides for the development and maintenance of equipment related to satellites.