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Qatar University announced the postponement of the French Cultural Week event indefinitely, in sympathy with the latest developments related to the deliberate abuse of Islam and its symbols.

The university said on its Twitter account: “In view of the latest developments related to the deliberate abuse of Islam and its symbols, the Qatar University administration decided to postpone the French Cultural Week indefinitely.” She added in another follow-up tweet: “In this regard, the university administration confirms that Any infringement on Islamic belief, sacred things and symbols is totally unacceptable, as these offenses harm universal human values ​​and the highest moral principles affirmed by all contemporary societies.

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This step comes in the wake of the launching of large-scale campaigns against France after Macron’s statements during the memorial service for the French teacher Samuel Bate, in which he said that his country will carry the flag of secularism high, adding: We will not abandon the caricature, “in reference to the offensive caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.” Even if some retreat. The French President pledged to continue publishing the caricature insulting to the Messenger of Islam, “may God bless him and grant him peace,” and to fight the institutions that support extremism in France, as he claimed.

The pioneers of the social networking site Twitter had launched a number of hashtags rejecting Macron’s statements, and anti-French hashtags topped the trend, such as the hashtag # boycotting French products and the hashtag # Macron_ offends the Prophet and my Muslim hashtag # The Messenger of God and the hashtag # Our Messenger_Arabic and the products of the world.