Looking for Qatari sponsor or partner to start a business in Qatar? Helpline Group is one of the renowned business consultant and related service provider agencies worldwide. We have been operating at the international platform since 1998, in these 20 years we have created our image of “No. 1 Company” in providing best and quality services at the fastest speed in competitive prices. Our business Motto is to keep our ‘Customer Satisfied’ with our quality services within the legal framework.


Getting local sponsorship becomes highly essential for the foreign business investors in Qatar. According to business norms of Qatar, it is highly significant to find a Qatari sponsor for business with a minimum 51% share in the mainland business (with Limited Liability Company).  The involvement of a Qatari with maximum number of shares is extremely crucial, but not in all cases, it is highly influenced by the business structure chosen by the individual. While finding a sponsor, it is quite essential to find a person with the same business interest. Helpline Group can help you in finding the best Qatari sponsor available of your interest. We have a strong communication network in Qatar, our expert group work together in coordination with locals to provide high- end services to the customers.

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Helpline group undergoes a proper study about the client’s business, their interest; business motives, etc., then find the best option by scrutinizing the entire Qatari sponsor available in the field. Our executives communicate with all Qatari sponsors with same business motive and try to find out the best match. Helpline Group bridges the gap between the foreign investor and Qatari sponsor by communicating all the business terms and by creating a business link. With Helpline Group there is no more need to worry about how to find sponsors in Qatar without spending time in Qatar. We can perform all these activities on your behalf while you are busy with your work in your home country.